Plant-based Egg Salad Sandwiches

Plant-based Egg Salad Sandwiches

Lisa Le, over at has a great recipe for a plant-based egg salad. And, I quite love it.

So, before last weekend, I’d dutifully made up some plant-based mayo, baked some bread, and got some ingredients, although this recipe is pretty easy!

You just create a sauce with ingredients like plant-based mayo, turmeric, black and celery salts, and a few other things like green onions and celery. And, although the recipes just calls for some dill pickle BRINE, I go ahead and add several Tablespoons of dill pickle relish! This addition makes it really great!

Then, crumble a big block of firm tofu, mix together, and give it some time for the flavors to meld.

It doesn’t look that great here, and the lighting and colors are off, but believe me, it’ll be delicious.

After several hours, or by tomorrow, it’s amazing!

So, I was pretty proud of myself! I’d baked the bread, used my homemade hummus as a spread on my bread, added the homemade egg salad, topped with homemade cheese, and sliced a tomato, and voila! I had an amazing lunch!

Plant-based Egg Salad Sandwiches
Everything homemade, except that tomato!