The Plant-based Bear, obviously, is not a bear that needs, or is able, for that matter, to hibernate for the winter. But, when I looked at the site, and realized it’s been since October since I posted any updates, well, I had to make some pithy excuse!

The fact is, a lot has happened in my life over the last few months, and going out of my way to make tasty food and blog about it has been low on the agenda. Not to say that I didn’t continue to make tasty food, and I’ve still maintained my Plant-based Bear whole-foods-plant-based lifestyle.

But, like all changes that are for the better, some old habits can creep in. Like chocolate! I love chocolate. And, I found chocolate the contains no oil, no dairy, and is delicious. But, is it healthy? Well, probably not…

And, I love sourdough bread, with my healthy no-oil, plant-based butter. But is sourdough bread with butter and garlic salt regularly a totally healthy thing? Well, probably not…

So, while I haven’t put on any weight to speak of, and have maintained my lifestyle, it hasn’t been the source of much will, or content, or material.

So, let’s just pretend I’ve been hibernating, instead of ignoring you all completely. And, I’ll try to do better! And, I did make a FEW things. Pictures and posts to come, in the near future, I hope!

Thanks for cooking with me!


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